About Us

Pamir Fashion is an Afghan for-profit company manufacturing and selling handbags, and scarves. All products are hand-crafted by our Afghan artisans. We are producing exclusively in Kabul and are managed by a German woman-owner.

Our basic motivation in starting this business has been to provide employment for Afghans. Something in dire need in today's Afghanistan - a country still staring down the abyss of continued conflict. We believe that economic and social growth is the best defense against war and unrest.

What makes Pamir Fashion unique? Why pay more for our products?

  • Our bags and scarves are not mass-produced, but each bag 100% completed by one artisan which is more time-intensive than factory-line production, but gives ownership and pride to each artisan.
  • All our bags include vintage Afghan tribal fabrics - completely unique in the world. They are rare pieces which are not being made anymore. Vintage means they are at least 40 years old. All traditional fabrics are hand-stitched, no machine-made varieties.
  • We pay fair wages. We do not work with piece-rates and excessive hours. Each artisan collects a monthly salary, has a six-day work week and an 8-hour work day; our working conditions are safe, clean and professional for Afghan standards. Daily meals and unlimited drinks are provided. We provide assistance with medical expenses when needed.
  • Pamir Fashion use domestic inputs as much as possible so as to maximise positive trigger effects into the Afghan economy. By "domestic inputs" we mean both locally produced inputs and imported ones bought at local vendors.

The domestic materials we use include: 

Vintage Afghan embroidery fabrics made by Afghan nomads (Kutchis), the southern Pashtuns, the northern Uzbeks and the central Afghan Bamyan people.. All of these fabrics are at least 40 years old and are therefore unique in the world. To learn more about Afghan embroidery click here.


Hardware made in Afghanistan - all bag-feet and rings are made in Kabul to our specifications, thereby providing an additional tier of employment in the city.

Notions bought in Afghanistan - all zippers and other sewing notions are bought in-country in support of local merchants.

For additional questions please contact us via the green button below.